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    The Ungrip Solution

    Ungrip makes it feel like you have a smaller phone. It's a simple, effective, and beautiful solution. And unlike other metal products, fabric will make love to your hands.

    Effortlessly Secured

    Your phone immediately feels secured in
    your hand even when you’re not gripping it at all!


    Out of the Way

    Ungrip is ultra simple and really small.
    It has a low profile and weighs almost nothing.




    The Rotation

    Switching from portrait to landscape has never been easier. Just rotate your phone 90 degrees and back in a split-second!

    The Gamer

    Concentrating on your game is what matters most. Leave the added security of gripping to Ungrip.

    The Pulldown

    There are numerous possible ways of holding your pone differently and this is one of them.

    The Twist

    If you have thin fingers, this is your grip! Just insert your finger from an upside down position and twist!

    The Nighty Nite

    Placing the strap at the base of your finger will increase your phone-gripping stamina while lying down.

    The Lanyard

    For those who use lanyards or wrist straps– we didn’t forget about you.

    The Hang Time

    When walking, you can use your finger as a hook to hang your phone to. Looks cool and so easy to do.

    • Small, lightweight and strong
    • Very comfortable to use
    • Flexible design allows multiple ways to grip
    • Looks beautiful on any phone
    • Compatible with most phones and cases


      Length: 60 mm (2.36 inches)
      Width: 30 mm (1.18 inches)
      Depth: 6 mm (0.24 inches)
      Weight: 3 grams (0.11 ounces)
      Materials: ABS Plastic and Polyester


      What's in the Box

      1 x Ungrip / 2 x 3M VHB Tape
      1 x Alcohol Wipe / 1 x Instructional Leaflet

      1 x Floss (for removing Ungrip from your phone)

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