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    Bicycle Saddle & Lock

    Seatylock is a patent protected revolutionary product aimed at changing the lives of urban cyclists by providing them with a new level of convenience for secure bicycle locking.
    Seatylock is a bicycle saddle that quickly transforms into a one-meter solid lock that enables you to lock your bike to a fixed object. With Seatylock you no longer need to carry a lock or worry about saddle theft. Located in the center of Gravity of your bike the Seatylock gives you a hassle free ride without feeling the burden of carrying a lock. Seatylock is an integral part of your bike, so you’ll never leave home again without a lock. 
    Seatylock has a universal adaptor that enables easy compatibility with any standard bicycle. After a simple installation, it can be adjusted to your preferred saddle position. 
    Seatylock will be launched in two models: Seatylock Trekking & Seatylock Comfort both saddles carefully chosen to fit your preferred riding style and designed for the common & cool urban cyclists. 
    Seatylock Trekking – The natural choice for riding with great comfort while feeling light and agile. 
    Seatylock Comfort - The best choice for highly comfortable riding. 

    Let's see How Strong Seatylock is

    Easy Compatability with Your Bike

    Seatylock installation is as easy as replacing your bike saddle. Each Seatylock comes with a Universal adaptor that enables easy compatibility to any standard bike on the market. The Seatylock adaptor enables the rider to fit the Seatylock to his preferred riding position (Backward or forward & upward or downward). 

    Seatylock Saddle replacement

    The Seatylock enables the user to change/replace its saddle in case of wear and tear or if you just want to diversify.

    The replacement process is simple and can be done by anyone.

    How to Use Seatylock

    What's in the package

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