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    Pipe Hair Dissolver


    Country of origin: Japan


    1. Please do not use with other products at the same time.
    2, not food, can not eat
    3. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity. Keep it in a place where children can't reach it.
    4. If you are swallowed into the body, you should drink milk or water. If you accidentally get your eyes, don't be embarrassed, please rinse immediately with water.
    5, if you encounter the above situation, see a doctor when you are uncomfortable
    6. Rinse immediately with water when splashing on the skin
    7. Please do not use other than the use of this product.

    Use tips:

    1. Please add 200ml hot water with temperature above 80 degrees
    2. After using the decomposing agent, do not flush it again, so as not to affect the dissolution effect. It can be used normally after 8 hours.



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