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    iPhone X


    iPhone X has been critically acclaimed to be the best iPhone since the series was first launched 10 years ago. Throughout the past decade, Apple has brought us the most pioneer technologies in this little smartphone and changed our lives like never before: touchscreen, fingerprint ID, high-resolution cameras, Apple pay and the App Store that saturate our lives with functions and utilities that used to only exist in our wildest imagination.   

    This year, Apple upped her game to a whole new level and brought us the revolutionary iPhone X. It is equipped with the new A11 chip, 3G RAM, 3D camera, facial recognition, and wireless and fast charging. One may ask, “Can you make it any better?” The answer is definitely yes, with our selection of intriguingly innovative yet practical gadgets.



    Metallic Case

    Wouldn’t want any harm done on the most expensive iPhone yet, right? Also, wouldn’t want her beauty to be covered by excessive rubber or metals, right? We got just the right case for you.


    Magnetic Phone Case with Support Ring

    A phone should not only live in your palm and fingers. While protecting it, this magnetic silicone case supports your iPhone X in different scenarios with magnet attachment and support ring. No more holding your phone when you need driving navigation or online recipe. It does just as well in the car as on your kitchen counter.



    Wireless Charging Board

    We know it makes no sense to equip a smartphone with wireless charging function, yet not giving you a charging board. And we know Apple’s price looks like a total rip-off. So we offer you something that is just as good at a reasonable rate.


    Cable-Free Power Bank

    Yes, your power bank just became wireless. Say goodbye to those messy tangling cords and cables in your bag and have a care-free and cable-free trip.


    Mobile Power Bank

    We know the new iPhone X is equipped with longer battery life, but sometimes the battery dies anyway because we simply can’t take our hands off her. Surely don’t want that to happen away from home. Bringing a mega power bank like this will make you feel you have a power plant right in your pocket.


    Power Tube

    Fashionable, portable, effective. But fair warning: your girlfriend may mistake it for some other girl’s lipstick unless you get her one too.



    Double Lightning Adapter

    Headphone music and charging at the same time? It’s ok if your new iPhone X doesn’t agree with you in that arena. But look what we’ve found? Portable easy-to-carry lightning adapter?

    Or this business style adapter? Indeed, all we need is a little spark of imagination to make a better life. 


    Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

    iPhone X already has wireless charging. Let’s go wireless-er with this fascinating Bluetooth headphone. Edgy cut, metallic exterior, and great sound quality. It’s a perfect match for your brand new iPhone X.


    Hoco Accessory

    This small yet creative gadget lets you have a comfortable grip on your phone while charging and listening to your favorite music.




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